What Tweezers Are Best For Eyelash Extensions?

There are different types of eyelash extension tweezers. The difference in the types is due to the difference in shape, size and material of the eyelash extension.

Shape Of Tip:

The tip of eyelash extension tweezer is what makes the eyelash extension distinct from other tweezers. Tips are used during the application process as many things are performed through picking, selecting and separating eyelashes.

Tips of eyelash extension are of different types based on their shape. These types are straight, curved and L-shape. Each shape has a particular function.


The most commonly used material in eyelash extension tweezer is stainless and titanium. So these tweezers are called as stainless tweezers and titanium tweezers on the basis of material used in it.

Stainless Tweezer:

Stainless has the capability to endure rust but there is a probability of rust if it is not properly looked after. It also contain traces of nickel in it due to which it sometimes serve the cause of allergy but this is very rare.

Titanium Tweezers:

Titanium tweezer has a light weight as compared to the stainless tweezer. Also the striking feature of titanium tweezer is that it is rust free. It is very strong having a spring material that makes it perfect eyelash extension tweezer. The most useful application of titanium tweezers is that it is used in medical procedures because it is allergic free.

Other types of tweezers are magnetic and nonmagnetic.

Magnetic Tweezer:

It is recommended to use the magnetic tweezer in the humid climate because it best works in the humidity. If you will use the magnetic tweezer in dry climate, it may cause complication in the eyelash extension procedure.

Nonmagnetic Tweezer:

Nonmagnetic tweezers are best recommended for dry climate because it works best in that climate.

Often people get confuse that which types of eyelash extension tweezer they should use. There are certain factors that you must take into account while choosing the eyelash extension tweezer.

Extension Technique:

You must take into account the technique that is applied for the application of eyelash extension using tweezer. There are different techniques for different eyelash tweezers so go through all the techniques and choose the tweezer that best suits you or you are comfortable with it.


There are different procedures for different eyelash extensions that are to be followed while applying the eyelash extension using tweezer. It is recommended to go through these procedures and choose the extension that is best suited to you based on the procedure.

Grip And Weight:

Grip and weight of the tweezer is the most overlooked feature while choosing eyelash extension tweezers. Though grip and weight is extremely important to the health of your finger, joints, wrist and overall posture. It is recommended to choose the eyelash tweezer that best fits on in your finger and hand having the correct tightness.

So these all factors must be taken into account while choosing the eyelash extension tweezer.

There are certain tips that you should follow in order to prolong the life of eyelash extension tweezer.


It is recommended to not use the same lash extension tweezer for the thin and thick eyelashes as both have different dimensions.

Removal Of Adhesive:

It is recommended to remove the adhesive from the eyelash extension tweezers if there are any adhesive attached to it.It is because there is a probability of imbalance due to the adhesive and eventually it will damage the tweezer.


It is been observed that usually eyelash extensions have been put on the eyes for two to three weeks. If you want that eyelash extensions should remain in your eyes for the longer period of time, then it is recommended to not touch the eyes nor rub them with your hand.be very careful while touching the eye.


It is an amazing feature of the eyelash extensions that you can put your eyes in water or wash your mouth while wearing them. They will not get away from your eyes for the touch of water. So you can get your eyes wet but it is recommended to wait for 12 to 24 hours before getting them wet. After the specified time, you can get your eyes in water, play with water or whatever. There is no harm and you can enjoy wearing it in everything you want to do.

Tip Of Tweezer:

It is usually observed that tip of the lash tweezer is fragile. So do not use it over hard surface.

Non Slip Surface:

Eyelash extension tweezers can slip easily so it is recommended to place it on a non-slippery surface so that they may not fall down. Also it is recommended to enclose the eyelash extension tweezer in a closed pack when not in use.

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