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Set Of 2 Stainless Steel Eyelash Extension Tweezers Straight & Curved

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Get the most awaited product of the month. Now comes in a set of two different shapes. Made up of surgical-grade Japanese stainless steel. Furthermore, its tarnish proof and rust-resistant. This beautiful Eyelash Extension Tweezers looks great and works wonder. Can serve for years.An ultimate beauty tool for home and salon. Use pointed tip precision tweezer to affix individual eyelash extension, separate the natural lash, and a curved tweezer to make fans volume eyelash extension

Lash Tweezer:

Now get a better grip and adapt with these tools. Get a wide eye look without letting anyone know your secret. Its firm grip allows you to accurately and neatly affix eyelashes. No more embarrassing moments due to fake lashes coming off. Moreover, it’s perfectly lined up tweezers legs and well-crafted tips, made with detailed attention to ensure amazing results without causing hand fatigue. These eyelash extension tweezers are Ideal for day-to-day personal use and for professionals. It has multipurpose It’s more than lash extension tweezers. Use it as a nail art tool, crafts tool, jewelry making, electronics assembly, watch repairing, affixing double eyelid, eyebrow shaping, plucking facial hair, lab work, and whatnot.

Eyelash Extension Tweezer:

The measurements are Straight Tweezer has Length 12 cm, Width 1.0 cm, Height 0.5 cm, and the curved tweezer has Length 11.5 cm, Width 1.0 cm, Height 0.5 cm. Its travel essential comes with a protective covering making it easier to carry in your business trips or casual trips. It’s so easy to use just use one tweezer to separate the natural lash, another tweezer to hold the eyelash extension tip then apply to the natural lash-line using glue.

6 reviews for Set Of 2 Stainless Steel Eyelash Extension Tweezers Straight & Curved

  1. Mohjon

    Be careful! It is extremely pointy. I stabbed myself a couple times when I took it out of the case. There is a positive side of it being this pointy. It makes it easier to grab small and very thin objects. It comes in two tweezers. One is a straight tweezers and the other has a curve to it. I love the curve one. It makes it so much easier and requires so much less movement when trying to adjust something at a tight spot.

  2. Vladimir stotland

    Great tweezers, very strong and comfortable.

  3. Meh

    Overall these were very meh for volume lashes. The “sweet spot” was wayyyyyyy hard to find, almost nonexistent. But once I found it they were alright. The straight tweezers were TERRIBLE. no grip whatsoever.

  4. Julie

    The fanning lash is great. The separating tweezers could be better. Good price overall!

  5. Mrs Smith

    Very good! Nice box but took like 2 weeks to arrive which is strange but I ordered it at the height of the plague so it must have been delayed.

  6. Ronka2629

    Excelnte calidad… vale la pena sobre todo por el precio. En tiendas de belleza cuestan el doble o triple cada una.
    Y estas por ese precio es algo que definitivamente vale la pena comprar.
    Muy,muy,muy satisfecha.

    • Taichi Industries

      Thanks for your kind words…

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