Travel Jewelry Organizer For Tangle-Free Jewelry Big Capacity Portable Jewelry Case

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Our Travel Jewelry Organizer keeps your jewelry safe and secured. Prevent your jewelry from scratches. A stylish way to keep your jewelry organized is easy to access. Moreover, this travel jewelry case has bigger and separate compartments like earrings panel, necklace buckled strap, zippered pouch, buckled band for rings, necklace hooks, and much more.

Portable Jewelry Case:

This jewelry organizer has a unique and elegant design suitable for all women who want the liberty to store earrings, rings, nose pins, ear studs, necklaces, hairpins, bracelets, brooches, and watches. There is no limit to how differently you want to store your jewelry with this jewelry organizer. This also comes in a beautiful box ready to make the surprise gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother or daughters, and loved ones. Anyone can get these and make their lives easy.

Travel Jewelry Organizer:

It is so easy to carry with the dimensions having (L 10″ X  W 7″ X H 2″) so easy to keep in your travel bags or briefcases. Perfect to keep your precious jewelry organized during the trips. Made of soft silky polyester material with a strong carry handle. Moreover, having Two-Way zipper closure. Keeps your precious jewelry safe, organized, and easy to access. Different sized pockets are designed for sorting different types of jewelry, preventing them from tangle, scratch, missing. This Jewelry Organizer will put an end to the constant search for jewelry gone missing in the depths of your handbag. Therefore, now you can have this amazing product at the lowest rates possible.

Dimensions 25 × 17.5 × 5.8 cm

73 reviews for Travel Jewelry Organizer For Tangle-Free Jewelry Big Capacity Portable Jewelry Case

  1. murky

    Very nice jewelry case, small but hold a lot. Easy to pack in your case or handbag.
    I would recommend it to anyone who travels and like to carry extra jewelry.

  2. Kris

    Good quality, space for items, great for a gift as well.

  3. Kate

    I needed a jewelry case for a cruise trip. I was taking a lot of stuff to match different outfits. This was perfect. It keep everything organized. And it’s a good size, doesn’t take up a bunch of room.

  4. Ashley Piper

    I used this on my trip to china and thought it was genious! the only things I had trouble with were the necklaces I put in, they are kind of long for the case and still got a little tangled at the bottom. I also wish it had another little row for earrings so I could fit the ones I bought on my trip in too. Other than that though it is amazing, and I will defenitley be bringing it on more of my vacations!!

  5. Star

    Just the right size and what I need! love the color!

  6. Jill Diefenderfer

    I couldn’t find a color/style I wanted until I found this one! I love the simple soft cotton! My only wish is that it could come in a smaller size because I’m usually only gone for a 2-4 days at a time so I pack light and in all reality I don’t wear a new necklace or earrings everyday but I needed something to keep them organized.

  7. BeckyN

    … for a recent trip. I am sure I will use it for future trips.

  8. Vivian Rodriguez

    This was the perfect size for my jewelry. Purchased for travel and it was perfect. Didn’t take too much space in my carry-on and did fit my jewelry perfectly. This perfect bag will come with me on all my future travels. It was what I had missing. Do highly recommend it!

  9. Dunc

    Good quality. Stores enough for the weekend. Would’ve been better with more zippers, As things can be loose.

  10. Kenny Bearss

    Good size for traveling, however quality is poor and not sturdy.

  11. Tali Zabari

    i fit in most of my jewelry and it’s easy to travel with

  12. Tiff shaw

    This little case is perfect for travel! I’ve seen ones like it from high end retailers for quadruple the price and I feel like this does the exact same thing. Enough storage to bring a selection of jewelry on your travels. Highly recommend!!

  13. Levon Gasparian

    Great for travel. Would make an amazing gift for someone that travels a lot. Holds more then it looks.

  14. Ari

    It’s great, small, flat and can store a good amount for a trip.

  15. Christopher

    It looks great and it is very sturdy. It is larger than I thought which is a good thing.

  16. Rachel

    Excellent for bringing along your jewelry essentials when travelling. It’s small, yet very manageable and everything stays in place. No complaints whatsoever.

  17. G. Rinaldi

    Perfect to pack and organize jewelry for a trip



  19. Christina Dekle

    Adorable, great quality! It keeps everything well organized.

  20. Seandra

    Gave to my sister who is always going on cruises

  21. Janet Conklin

    Really like the individual ways to carry necklaces which always get all tangled up.

  22. HKD

    This is a great little jewellery caring case. So much storage room. A little difficult to have long necklaces in but if you fold them in half first it works like a charm.

  23. Samantha

    Super sturdy and this will fit all my jewelry plus makeup in the bottom compartment!

  24. Melly B

    I previously bought and returned the small 4X4 travel case. This one is way better. Bigger, roomier, and more of what I need. The outside quilted material is nice to the touch. The inside still feels like plastic and it’s stiff. The case is still compact enough to pack in a corner of a bag or suitcase. I’m glad that I leveled up.

  25. Mama H

    Very happy with purchase. Nice case with a lot of room. Keeps jewelry from getting tangled up during travel. Arrived quickly. No issues.

  26. Jamie

    Absolutely love this for keeping my jewelry organized for travel. I recently took this on a cruise and it was perfect. Just enough room to bring what I needed and keep everything neat and tidy!

  27. Kayla Long

    Needed for work trips. Perfect size. Holds enough. Sturdy

  28. Anna Kruger

    Was exactly what I was expecting! I loved that the clasps magnet together.

  29. Julia Walker

    Great for travel! Holds quite a bit of jewelry and keeps it separated for the most part.

  30. Theresa

    t has plenty of hooks and snaps and compartments to store all sorts of jewelry. I used this for traveling on a week-long vacation and it was perfect.

  31. Baoseng Vang

    Perfect for travel! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry so the small size was just what I needed. The slots for the necklaces can be tricky if you have long necklaces but not a problem for me. It still kept my necklaces good and separated with no tangles. I love how the small case is compact and fits easily into your carry-on or suitcase while protecting your jewelry inside.

  32. Samantha C

    Small yet functional. My mom liked mine so much, I bought her one too.

  33. Julia Roseman

    Loved it. Bigger than I expected!

  34. Kat Joy

    Used on the cruise and for traveling. Nice little organizer.

  35. Kawaii halstead

    I love the look of this product! It is perfect size and very organized. I wish there were a few extra slots for necklaces and fewer spots for rings. Overall I would recommend. Perfect for at home and traveling. Before this, all my necklaces would get tangled and all my earrings lost.

  36. Kim

    Perfect size and great pockets. Easily fits in my hand luggage for safety. Highly recommend!

  37. nadia

    I searched all over for the perfect travel jewelry case. I ordered several in my search for the perfect one. This one was priced really well and had everything I was looking for.

  38. Cindy Pitts

    We had just returned from a trip and as I unpacked my jewelry from just a regular little makeup bag..not surprisingly, my necklaces were in knots. Just like every other time I travel! I was so annoyed. I thought, I’m an adult..I should just buy a real travel case for jewelry. Why am I spending all this time getting knots out every time I take a trip.

  39. ClarkTaylor

    I ordered the small size jewelry case, and it’s the perfect size for travel. It has a lot of space inside for different types of jewelry. Previously I used a smaller hard case jewelry holder, but this one is so much roomier without taking up too much space.

  40. Bethany

    Love the size ; easy to pack. Love the necklace compartment too.

  41. Ulyana

    So i ordered this because i wanted something very compact for all my jewelry that i can just through in the bag and go and not worry about forgetting something for my outfit. I honestly like this case very much, however i had to return it because it did not have enough earring space for me. Everything else was fine and the case feels amazing and looks like it would last a very long time, it is sad that it did not work for me but i would still recommend it to those who do not have a lot of earring .

  42. Maria Girlie Bernardez

    Delivery took longer then expected, as for the item looks great, will come handy for traveling

  43. mochachan

    Very nice size for travel! I’m using it as a storage bag for only my gold and gemstone jewelry as a sort of “grab in an emergency” bag, as this would be more expensive to replace than my big jewelry box with everything else in it. Would like a couple more small pockets, but that’s because I love dangly earrings and have several pairs.

  44. Andrea Griffin

    I needed a small travel case to keep my jewelry safe and untangled. This product has many areas for your necklaces, rings, and earrings to keep them separate. I love it!! Perfect for travel!

  45. FLN8IVE

    love this organization tool. It is just the right size for my travels

  46. Mrs Zoom

    ought this jewelry holder to keep some of my older items that I don’t wear anymore but still wanted to keep. And it was perfect! All of my jewelry fit, the rings slid along the holder nicely and were snug enough to remain in place, long necklaces were nicely wrapped around the looped holders while the pendants strapped firmly in place, all of my bracelets and bangles fit snugly into additional zippered pockets, and my earrings looked amazing in the plastic holder.

  47. Laura

    super cute and great for traveling. Perfect size for a trip

  48. Jordan

    I love this it’s so cute and classy! I travel a lot and this is perfect

  49. Carolyn

    Looks nice

  50. Aleksandra Ozimek

    This was the second case I purchased for my jewelry (returned that one). This is the ideal size! I love it. It fits all my jewelry and finally my necklaces won’t tangle!

  51. dabecht

    Perfect size for the average weeks worth of jewelry. Will fit perfect in a purse or carry on bag if you don’t want to put your jewelry in your suitcase. Good quality

  52. Chelleyyy chelle

    I plan on using this to store my jewelry in all the time! The outside is so nice and soft, good material. Also comes with a handle to carry it, and even once everything is in the holder it’s very thin when closed. The necklace holder is secure enough so that necklaces don’t tangle, and I was even able to hang a few smaller ones from the second button down.

  53. kimberly

    It’s one of those items you don’t realize you need until you buy it. It comes really in handy to have everything organized during a trip. Great size, simple fits all you must-haves.

  54. Jennifer Naiman

    I dont travel with too much jewelry, but I like to keep it all together and I am terrible at leaving some behind or losing it while traveling! This case is super chic and the perfect size!

  55. V in AZ

    he loves it. It is well made, sturdy, and will hold quite a bit of jewelry for traveling. Also, would work well for a wedding party jewelry.

  56. Susan Garmon

    This little pouch is great. The only thing I wish is that the ring holder were a bit bigger. My rings are size 6.5 and they slide around. Otherwise great product.

  57. Elizabeth

    Perfect product to travel with jewellery. I used it for a trip for 3 months and it was awesome! Only lost a few earrings but nothing else. Nothing was tangled and now I use it as my main jewelry storage.

  58. gracie garza

    It’s perfect to travel with because all of your statement will fit perfectly. I totally recommend!

  59. Ben Allen

    I absolutely love this travel organizer! It is the FIRST jewelry organizer for necklaces I’ve ever seen that actually works! It securely holds the chains tight so you don’t have to worry about them all getting tangled together or knots in delicate chains

  60. Krystal I

    The front and back covers are not hard. They’re soft. so while this would be perfect to put in a hardside suitcase, up in the top pocket, I’m worried about putting it anywhere where I could get crushed.

  61. Heather Kehoe

    Love it. No more tangled jewelry when I travel.

  62. Judy Durham

    Nice for those that want to take limited and/or smaller pieces while traveling. It doesn’t seem like the sturdiest case

  63. Lynn W

    Exactly what I was looking for! Something small enough to fit easily in my purse or backpack when traveling, and can still hold a lot of jewelry. Would be a great gift that anyone would find useful too!

  64. Clara Valentine

    I have always needed a bag for my jewelry while traveling. This is amazing and can hold so much jewelry. My necklaces never get tangled in here and even if it gets shaken around all of my jewelry still remains in tact. I definitely recommend you to get this product!

  65. kelly jones

    he best part of this organizer is the necklaces are prevented from tangling. In fact, it does a better job than my jewelry box. Everything was there at my fingertips. I did not have to dump out a plastic or cloth bag of tangled, unorganized necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

  66. Mojgan Jafari

    Case has no weight and keeps lots of jewelry.

  67. Wadeeah S. B

    Loved everything , right sized for travel and discreet, all my jewelry love it there lol ❤️

  68. NC

    I love this.

  69. Anna Corman

    Perfect size for travel!

  70. Karen

    Love the print! There are snaps in place to keep your necklaces from tangling. Petite and perfect to keep in my carry-on bag for flying.

  71. Eileen Pierson

    I love this travel jewelry case. It has just the right amount of pockets and space for a good number of items. It is also a decent quality and price. I highly recommend this product and seller. The product arrived on time and was nicely packaged in its own box with tissue covering.

  72. Williams

    Nice. Perfect size for traveling. Just what I was expecting

  73. Tina K.

    Bought this for my teenage granddaughter, its compact and perfect for her jewelry items for travel.

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