Best Isolation Tweezers For Lash Extensions | TI/198-C

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Best Isolation Tweezers Set:  These eyelash extension tweezers; one is straight and the other is curved pointed, made of surgical grade stainless steel that is tarnish proof and rust-resistant. Looks great, works wonder- serve you for years.

Voluminous Eyelashes – A Dream Come True: An ultimate beauty tool for home and salon. Use pointed tip best isolation tweezers for lash extensions to affix individual eyelash extension, separate the natural lash, and curved tweezers to make fans volume eyelash extension

Better Grip, Better Application: Get a wide eye look without letting anyone know your secret. Its firm grip allows you to accurately and neatly affix eyelashes. No more embarrassing moments due to fake lashes coming off

Fine Workmanship: Perfectly lined up tweezer arms and well-crafted tip, made with detail attention to ensure amazing results without causing hand fatigue. These eyelash tweezers are Ideal for day to day personal use and for professionals

✅ Multipurpose: It’s more than lash extension tweezers. Use it as a nail art tool, crafts tool, jewelry making, electronics assembly, watch repairing, affixing double eyelid, eyebrow shaping, plucking facial hair, lab work, and whatnot?


Material: Stainless steel


Straight Tweezer: Length 12 cm, Width 1.0 cm, Height 0.5 cm

Curved Tweezer: Length 11.5 cm, Width 1.0 cm, Height 0.5 cm

Weight: 32 gm

6 reviews for Best Isolation Tweezers For Lash Extensions | TI/198-C

  1. Maggie

    These should be in every makeup drawer! I got the pair as a replacement because I dropped and bent my first pair of pointy tipped tweezers. I use them for everything from stray facial hairs to splinters and removing glue from false eyelashes. Stainless steel so they are easy to sanitize.

  2. Tiffany Hall

    I purchased these tweezers for vinyl weeding. I don’t wear those fake, mile-long lashes so I don’t need them for that. For vinyl wedding, I HIGHLY recommend it! They are very heavy duty, the tips don’t bend easily like others were saying (even if they are dropped)

  3. Rutulita

    Nice and sharp. Love the case !

  4. MrsWiese

    I have purchased several different styles of tweezers this year in attempt to save money and do my own lashes. The set that came with the lashes wouldn’t grip well, the others I bought were too big/bulky for the job. Why I look anywhere other than Amazon is beyond me but they delivered a superior product yet again. These tweezers not only fit my hand well but I feel like I can place the individual lashes with precision. Not to mention these have a protective cap so they are poking holes or getting all kinds of dirt on them when being stored.

  5. Mikeydubs

    SUMMARY: I would highly recommend this product and would definitely buy again for assisting in eyelash application! (Although the product was not made for being a tweezers for hair removal, I would recommend it for that as well!)

  6. Promise Fellenz

    I use these all the time whatever you want these for you will always find more usses just get these ones

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