Best Hair Trimming Scissors With Removable Finger Rest | TIFS-004

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Best Hair Trimming Scissors With Removable Finger Rest (YS-001)


1 Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shear

1 Free Standard Stylish Comb

1 Free Straight Razor


Japanese J2 Stainless Steel

Razor Edge Sharpness

Adjustable Tension Screw System

Removable Finger Rest, Polished Finish

Weight .345 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 3 cm

6 reviews for Best Hair Trimming Scissors With Removable Finger Rest | TIFS-004

  1. Janet Mitchell

    My hair cutting scissors occasionally disappear from their place in the bathroom. I usually find them somewhere they shouldn’t be and for whatever reason, they’ll be dulled. So I purchased this pair but was dubious about the sharpness because the price didn’t make me cringe. I should have known by now.
    Razor, I did not use butt looks great quality

  2. Tom

    I’m not a hairdresser at all but I do value the importance of making sure I have healthy ends to retain hair length. With these shears, I no long have to make big trims a couple of times a year: I can do a light dusting here and there.

  3. Leanie W.

    Oh my goodness, these are sharp! I had them in my work bag and the first time I went to use them I wasn’t careful getting them out of the bag. I’m also glad they are not pointed at the tip since some people are just too fidgety during a haircut.

  4. Jane M

    The finger ring are usually different sizes so you can get the best fit for your thumb and ring finger. Can’t go wrong for the price!! I pay this much to get my shears sharpened!! 😮

  5. Para Glider

    Very sharp, very convenient scissors for doing haircuts for my kids. As many, we shifted to DIY @ home haircuts, first with what was already there, meaning regular household scissors from a drawer. Average results were attributed to the luck of skills.

  6. G-wiz

    These are so sharp, cut so well. The pressure knob is an amazing feature that helps you keep it at just the right balance between ease of use and cutting effect. Made to last, professional hair cutting scissors.

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