Eyelash Tweezer

The most awaited product of this month is right here. It comes now in various shapes, This product is made up of surgical-grade Japanese stainless steel. One other thing about it is that it is resistant to rust and it is completely tarnish-proof.

This stunning Eyelash Extension Tweezer does not just look great but it also does wonders and works for many years. It is the definitive beauty tool to be used both at your home and in the salon. You can use the pointed tip tweezer to attach the eyelash extension individually, separate your natural lashes from one another, and the curved tweezer can be used to increase the volume of your lashes.

Eyelash Extension Tweezer:

When we talk about the measurements then the length of this tweezer is 12 cm, the width of this tweezer is 1.0 cm, the height is 0.5 cm, and when we talk about the curled tweezer the length is 11.5 cm, the width is 1.0 cm, and its height is 0.5 cm.

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